Many feel the Dominican Republic is the best choice to locate your call center or to outsource your inbound, outbound or telemarketing tasks.

» Near Shore (a short flight 2-4 hour flight, instead of 14-18 hours)

» Dominicans are familiar with “the American Way,” including weather, sports & current events. Why? Because most have either lived in America, or have family members who know live in the states.

» BI Lingual Agents. The fastest growing segment in American business is found within Hispanic Consumers. Hispanic buying power is increasing at a rate of 118% and currently is rated at $630 billion dollars. Our government reports that over 12.5% of our population is Hispanic or Latino.

» The Dominican Republic's people pool consists of well educated, highly motivated agents. Your customer will appreciate the experience when interacting with a happy, motivated professional.

» While there are substantial cost savings, you'll find the Dominican Republic's infrastructure can support the technical demands of your business.

Supported Articles

CMP Media  Call Center Magazine 09/04/2002

"many call centers may receive better value for the higher pay. Canada and Caribbean countries, say observers, offer a superior customer service culture and a greater cultural affinity to Americans. Many parts of Canada and the Caribbean depend on tourism, mostly from Americans."

CMP Media Call Center Magazine, 01/06/2003:

"The Caribbean countries are closer physically to the US. And they have strong customer service cultures built on mostly American tourism, unlike their Asian competitors."

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