We are keen to bring clarity into the contact centre training market through a widely recognized award. This can be taken by various different routes and we aim to identify those individuals committed to a career in the profession.

Our recognition award will be achieved by accumulating credit points which are:

» Allocated to endorsed courses
» Awarded for in-company DRCCA-accredited training
» Awarded for success in gaining DRCCA qualifications through web-based assessment

Some other generic qualifications like VQs in call handling can also be used to accumulate credit points. Qualifications such as these need not be DRCCA-endorsed.

Though we do not directly endorse training providers, we endorse training courses at three levels, with a strict quality checking process at each level. Another distinctive feature is the post-approval quality checking and maintenance process which is in place for particular courses.

The two training levels are:

» Recognized training: offered by our Corporate Members who have submitted their course content to us and have also supplied extra information, including references which support a positive view of training quality. Recognized training courses are not subject to ongoing external review.

» DRCCA Accredited training: courses which are designated by us, such as the Call Center Professional Certificate, where we have control of the quality checking process.